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Monolog (Street Gallery Pondok Indah Mall)

Hello dolls, how you guys doing? Well, i am sorry (again) for the absence of my post lately (and yes i'm deeply sorry for those who keep asking for my food post either on my blog or instagram ;p)

Today i'll give my review about one of the popular high-end coffee shop; Monolog Quality Coffee at Street Gallery Pondok Indah Mall (their first branch is at Plaza Senayan)

Macaroons & Cake Station
Pastry Station
Hario Section (yes you can buy coffee maker here)
Well that's the entrance, and now here's my review for their products


*p.s: no i'm not eat all of this food just by one time visit, i keep coming back here (fyi aja dari para dikira ini cewek kok makan nya ban yak banged!? :p)

Trio Mini Burger - 68K
Beef burger, chicken chipotle & BBQ brisket all in one plate and in cute mini size 
Sausage, Cheese & JalapeƱo Quesadilla - 62K
this one is my favorite because it contain all my fav food LOL! i love how the cheese melted in my mouth yummyummm
Lemon Grass Prawn Soup with Coconut Milk - 49K
well this one taste so so for my tastebuds, good but not impress me that much
Gyu Tan Kimchi Don - 82K
this one is spicy kimchi fried rice with sliced wagyu beef tongue, the taste was a bit
spicy yet unique and yes i'm in love with it since the first bite
Nutella Lava Cake - 52K
who doesn't love nutella? who doesn't love lava cake? WHO!? (eh kok galak!? LOL) this gooey combination of Nutella and Lava Cake is really really really hard to resist! yes, i don't even care of my diet when it comes to such a good food like this *and now i'm drooling while looking at this picture*


Cappuccino - 30K
i love their coffee consistency, and the taste was good
Hazelnut White Mocha - 38K
my fav flavored coffee! word of advice; it taste way more good with brown sugar super yum!

Green Detox - 48K
if you want something that refreshing and healthy, i recommend this power juice. its a mix of horenzo spinach, green apple and lemon, quite sour but so refreshing

i forgot how much the price is but i love this cocktail! refreshing and yes for someone who love cocktails, i can say this one is a bit powerful but i love it. sweet and sour cocktail will always be my fav!

Monolog Area;

Smoking Area

Here's To What I Won't Remember lamp; cute but too bright for me. kinda annoyed me when i sit at the bar but its cute tho

Monolog hidden garden, those are their outdoor area.

Can't Sleep? Me Neither, Lets Can't Sleep Together

Well, that's my review for Monolog Street Gallery Pondok Indah Mall. I love this place, pretty much because they sell two of my fav drinks at one place so i don't have to moving around if i wanna have a coffee and a cocktail later :p

Monolog - Street Gallery, Pondok Indah Mall, 1st floor, No. 101 B (Jl. Metro Pondok Indah),Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta 12310
(021) 29529775
Twitter & Instagram: @MonologCoffee


p.s: rayditaa blogspot was my old blog domain. all those pictures above are mine.
IG @rayditaph - Twitter @rayditaa
Copyright of Ray


  1. seketika abis baca ini langsung laper.. :(
    Fotonya di post ini,ada kesan yang ngebuat laper huhu


  2. Jadi lapar lihatnyaaa.
    Makanannya enak enaak mbaa
    Burgernyaaa itu loh

  3. We love going here, but never sat outside...might have to do that one day. Maybe we can go together ya


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