Eye Liner - Maybelline HyperSharp Liner

6:30 AM

holaaa my Dolls reader, who's having a lazy-eyes problem like mine and an eye liner junkie ?  today i'll give a review for Maybelline's Eyeliner. it called HyperSharp Eye Liner, the package is so cute, i love their gold cap but unfortunately the eyeliner it self doesn't fit me that well because the applicator is too soft and flexible, but i love the color and brightness, it makes my eyes pop.
Rated 3 out of 5
Price Rp.65.000,-

happy doll-ing dolls!

p.s: glamouRAYs blogspot was my old blog domain. all those pictures above are mine.
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  1. I really like Maybelline items. Like... really really like them. Probably an excellent 80% of all my pharmacy cosmetics is Maybelline. With that being said, I own and have tried a lot of their fundamentals and made a decision to do an overview on the 4 fundamentals I have in my cosmetics selection right now. For the last a couple of times I've been dressed in and changing between all the fundamentals I'm going to evaluate just so it's better. Yay! crossword puzzle help


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